Last Call is available now

A slow burn, sexy small-town MMM Romance. 

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Quinn Monahan and Grayson Page have been friends since high school. Despite their differences, they’ve been there for each other through thick and thin. Opening Last Call together, a bar tucked away in the small town of Heartsville, PA seemed a natural progression—even if it makes it harder to live ... [Continue Reading]

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Join Felice's Fun-house Facebook Group!

If you're looking for a fun place to hang out online and talk books boys and kisses, to get exclusive excerpts of my works in progress, and to win giveaways of free eBooks and other great stuff, join my reader group! Felice's FunHouse is on Facebook and we always have a great time. You'll meet other fabulous readers who enjoy MM romance, and I love talking with everybody there. ... [Continue Reading]

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Coming July 2016-The Arrangement

Carter Haywood lives for the weekends—specifically the one weekend every month when he escapes real life, with all the pressures of work and caring for his special needs brother, to do whatever he wants, with whomever he wants. Sex is only a release; he's not looking for love, a relationship or even a second night with the same man, until he walks into a bar and finds someone who makes ... [Continue Reading]

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Now Available! Learning to Love

Learning to LoveRelease Date: May 2nd!

After ten years away from home, bad boy caterer Gideon Marks has a lot to prove. Getting the holiday catering job at his childhood synagogue is the first step in demonstrating to everyone he didn’t turn out to be the failure they predicted. What he doesn’t count on is Rabbi Jonah Fine, his high school nemesis and secret crush, stirring up old feelings Gideon ... [Continue Reading]

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Up & Coming! Releasing November 17th


A weekend fling in Atlantic City couldn’t be more out of socially shy Zach Cohen’s comfort zone, but a bet with his best friends forces him to put aside the humiliation he’s hidden for years, stepping away from his computer screens and on-line world. When he meets Sam Stein, despite their spark, Zach expects nothing more than a night of passion and a kiss goodbye. Yet weeks later, ... [Continue Reading]

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