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What's in the works for 2021?

I had fewer releases last year and think 2021 is more than making up for it. Mr. Uptight will be releasing February 18th. It's the story of Jude Staubman, an closed off business man and Mason Reiner, the free-spirited younger brother of Jude's best friend. It's an enemies to lovers, best friend's younger brother, complete opposites attract story and i had a blast writing it.

Next up is The Right One, which if you belong to my FB reader group, you know I've been calling my Moody Asshole. This book is in edits right now and should be rady sometime in April.

And if that's not enough book news, I'm halfway trhough with another story about a grieving NYC detective who is only interested in a friends with benefits relationship with he cute next door neighbor who happens to fall in love with every guy he meets. We know where that's going to go, don't we?

That's all I have for now, but stay tuned for the cover reveal and pre-order of Mr. Uptight!


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